TonyNeeves2I never dreamed that after leaving art school and becoming a Creative Director in a London advertising agency, I’d spend the next 40 years travelling to over 50 countries with a number of Christian relief and development organisations.

On my travels, I have witnessed indescribable poverty, suffering and man’s inhumanity to man. But I have also encountered the indomitable spirit of people whose daily life is a struggle to survive. And I have been deeply moved and challenged by the army of dedicated, ordinary people, who have given up the comfort of their own homes to shine the light of God’s love in some of the harshest places. It is to these people I dedicate my blog. They have helped to shape my life, deepen my faith and given me some remarkable stories to tell.

People have often asked me to share some of the life lessons and valuable spiritual truths I’ve learned during my travels with a wider audience. Up until now my life has always been too busy, but now I have the time, I have no excuse. So I have built a place I can retreat to in my garden where I love to write and pray. I call this my Green room.

The Green Room

I look forward to sharing how the people I’ve met and the experiences I’ve had in some of the most dangerous and deprived places, have taught me how the words of Jesus remain relevant, dynamic, revolutionary and life changing. As we trust him more and follow his example, I pray we will discover the joys of living life to the full and learning to deal with whatever situations we might find ourselves in.

I’m so thankful for my wife Dreen who continues to be my soulmate and best friend. We have two children; Zoe, married to Jim and Tim married to Mairi, and three grandchildren, Raphaella, Liberty and Beatrice and one naughty, loveable granddog, Otis.

I am a keen gardener who also enjoys cooking, so along with sharing stories and spiritual truths, I hope you’ll find some useful gardening and culinary tips! May we use this space wisely to learn from each other, hear from God and share this great journey of life together.

I am available for a limited number of speaking engagements,